Junk Yard Upgrades

In the hopes of making an old work truck (with 270,000 miles on it) beautiful again, I stopped by the junk yards in Spokane and picked up some  like new parts to polish my old turd.  After installing the “new” bumper I noticed that the side marker lens on the driver side was broken and had a tendency to fall out of the chrome housing every couple days.  On my day off I thought I would search all of the hidden treasures in the junk yards. Within the first two S10 trucks and Blazers, I found these like new headlight bezels with great looking marker lenses.

In the photos below you can see the difference between the old bezels and the new ones. I hope you can see that the bezels on the right are much nicer looking than the old ones on the left.20160325_173230


While fixing the damage from my brother on the front end I saw that the front valence was damaged. This is the metal body panel that goes under the grill and behind the front bumper. I had my eye on a truck that had one that was easily accessible but I thought I would search the rest of the yard before I settled on it. At the back of yard on the last truck, I found valence that was already removed and resting on the front end of a rusted out old GMC Jimmy. It was like finding an item in a video game that you need for a quest. I had no choice but to take it home.

I like that it is orange because I might paint the truck orange this summer.  The truck catalog I have wants $40 for this panel and I paid $7 and didn’t have to pay and wait for shipping to get it to my house in 2 weeks.


I’ll have to take the V6 badge off it before I install it since I’m proud of the new 2.5 liters 4 cylinder.

I also picked up a headliner that I’m going to try and fix up and install the new one I bought and made custom fit my cab is already falling apart. The last score of the day were two interior panels that fit in the rear of the truck cab corners that allow me to install rear 6×9 speakers. I have to paint the housings and run wires to them but it will be nice to have fuller sound in my truck so I don’t have to listen to dash speakers all the time. I’ll post pictures and restorations of those pieces in future blog posts.

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  1. Jamie walker

    Shared with Jace. He loves the junk yard too. Nice score today. How we see you soon.

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